Wood flooring color trends have a huge impact on your space. In 2021 clients prefer lighter colors. But there is a desire for warmer colors as well. Choosing the proper color for your home is very crucial. So we are going to review popular wood flooring colors in 2021.


Blonde Wood Flooring for Your home

Most people like light colors when it comes to choosing modern wood flooring colors. Blond wood makes your space look bigger. Besides it’s neutral tone gives you endless opportunities for decoration. You can also choose any paint colors for your walls and be sure that they have harmony. These blonde wood flooring have many different tones and you can choose cool or warm tones based on your decorating style.

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Whitewashed Wood Flooring in orange county in 2021

If you are interested in Modern wood flooring colors Whitewashed is a good choice for you. Whitewashed flooring makes your space brighter. The new generation of Whitewashed flooring is totally different from 20 years ago in terms of texture and dimension. They are a suitable option for modern homes, farmhouses or nordic styles.

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Gray Wood Flooring

Gray wood flooring attracted clients’ attention over the past decade. They are stylish and trendy and create a modern and contemporary atmosphere. There are different shades of gray that you can choose but bear in mind that your furniture and decoration should complement the flooring style.

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copper-colored flooring for 2021

The warm and relatively dark copper-colored flooring is one the most popular wood flooring colors in 2021. It is also referred to as honey wood flooring and is light enough to brighten up your space. You can see this warm color in many wood species because this natural color is not only a trend, it’s a classic color and we are sure that it will remain popular for decades.

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Greige Wood Flooring in Your Orange County Home

Greige among flooring color trends is new. This color is a combination of brown, beige, and a shade of gray. It has the minimalist feel of gray and purity of beige. Greige wood flooring tone with any color that you can think of. This new and modern wood flooring color can be used in any room of the house. This distinctive color adds a feel of luxury and grandeur to your home.

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Coffee Brown wood flooring

Coffee Brown wood flooring is one the modern flooring colors and has a rich brown tone. It has a protection layer against dirt, dust and moisture and this way you can use it for a long time and be sure that your floors look like its first day. Last but not the  least it is a good choice for busy families and houses with pets.

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ROSEWOOD HARDWOOD FLOORING in orange county home

Rosewood is among the most popular wood flooring colors and it has a violet color. This violet color may soften a bit over time. It is suitable for rustic and also temporary spaces.

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As you see wood flooring color trends are changing and there are many different colors that you can choose. Make your orange county home beautiful by ordering the best color because you deserve it. We at Flooring America are ready to help you.




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