People who keep pets in their homes should choose the appropriate pet-friendly flooring. These floors must have specific features. Scratch-resistant flooring, stain-resistant flooring, and waterproof flooring, id combined, are suitable for use if you have pets.

In addition, the floor of the house should be such that it provides comfort for the members of the house and at the same time has high durability and resistance to various issues. In the following, we will review some house floors that are compatible with the presence of pets.

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Stone Flooring, A Good Option for Pet Owners

Whether you have a pet or not, stone flooring is a good option for your home flooring. No flooring in a house is as strong, durable, and beautiful as stone.

The natural structure of stone floors cannot be damaged or scratched by animals. If damaged, it is the artificial layer of stone protection, which you can easily repair.

The natural feeling that stones give to home decoration and the beauty and impressiveness of these materials make them popular flooring.

The fact that these floors are compatible with pets adds to their benefits and increases their use.

Travertine and granite stone flooring are ideal choices for pet owners.

Pros and Cons of Stone Flooring

It has been a long time since stone is one of the most popular flooring materials. In many countries of the world, stone flooring has been widely used in home decorations.

Today, due to using other floorings such as carpet, laminate flooring, and other items, the popularity of stone as a home flooring has dramatically decreased. However, it is still the best and most luxurious flooring material.

This flooring has various advantages and disadvantages for keeping pets compared to other floors. The essential benefits of stone flooring for pet owners are:

  • Resistant  against scratches caused by animal paws
  • Easy to clean
  • Animals can run and play on the surface easily.

But stone flooring also has its drawbacks for those who keep pets, and sometimes because of these drawbacks, pet owners refuse to choose and buy this type of flooring. The most important disadvantages of stone flooring for animals are:

  • Harder and more troublesome installation (compared to many other floors)
  • It requires precise infrastructure
  • The risk of slippery surface (especially when water is poured on it)
  • High cost
  • Severe cold of the stone floor in the cold seasons (On the other hand, creating a proper heating system under the floor surface can solve the problem of cold in autumn and winter to some extent.)
  • The sensitivity of some stones to the scratches of animals, including marble

Of course, those who choose this type of flooring, in consultation with sellers, can buy and install more resistant varieties to prevent possible damage from animals.

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Laminate the Appropriate Flooring for You

Laminate can meet the needs of your home flooring. The decorative surfaces of laminate flooring are covered with a protective layer. Although these floors may wear out a bit over time and lose their color and shine, the protective layer is a proper notion of increasing the durability and resistance to damage caused by pets or other factors.

By choosing laminate, you can have a variety of designs and decorations options for your home. As a result, you can enjoy and have the beauty of expensive flooring in your home at a much lower cost, and at the same time, do not worry about your pet’s injuries.

Why Laminate Flooring?

As you may know, Laminate flooring is currently one of the world’s best and most popular floorings. These floors, produced in the factories through several processes, have different layers, and their appearance is somewhat similar to wood parquet floors. But it is more durable and has several advantages over other floorings for pet owners. They are:

  • Proper durability and stability against scratches or injuries caused by pet paws
  • Ability to easily replace laminate tiles in case of severe damage
  • Having various and compatible designs
  • Affordable costs for installation and maintenance
  • High Quality
  • Proper cooling and heating
  • Easy to wash and clean
  • Hygiene of laminate flooring

And other specifications that we recommend to those who keep a pet in their home to use this flooring.

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Ceramic Tile, an Affordable and Proper Flooring Idea

Ceramic is a cheap and more affordable option for your home flooring. If you want hassle-free flooring in your home with a pet, ceramic tiles can be a good choice for you.

No matter what your pet does, it cannot damage the ceramic floor of your home and even scratch the glaze layer. Stains do not remain on the ceramics at all. You can wash and clean any contaminant with detergent.

Ceramics are produced in various and beautiful designs and colors that can maintain the harmony of the interior decoration of your home. In addition, if your house has a floor heating system and hot water pipes pass under the floor of your house, these floors transfer heat into the house. And the warmth of the floor helps your pet feel better.

The Benefits of Ceramic Tile Flooring

Ceramics are very similar to stone flooring among different types of flooring, but there are also significant differences with it.

Benefits of ceramic flooring for those who have pets:

  • Easy to clean
  • Highly resistant to surface scratches (especially in glazed ceramic floors)
  • Eye-catching and luxurious
  • Suitable for animals to play and have fun (especially dogs and cats)

The Disadvantages of Ceramic Flooring

In addition to the above, ceramic floorings have some disadvantages as below:

  • Possibility to slide animals on the surface
  • Possibility of animal footprints remaining on the surface
  • Difficulty of changing the floor (in case of damage to its surface)
  • Ancillary costs
  • Problems with cold floors in winter

And other reasons prove this flooring, despite some benefits, is not an ideal choice for those who keep pets. (Especially compared to choosing and buying laminate flooring)

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No-Nos Flooring Materials if You Owe Pets

Some flooring materials are not suitable for homes with pets.

Bamboo and Wood floors

Floors made of bamboo and wood without protective layers should not be used as flooring for pets. Pet nails can scratch the flooring. The spilling of pet food, if not cleaned soon, can stain the flooring.

Also, occasionally water pouring on these floors will cause the wood to swell and damage the floor.

Carpet and Rug

Carpets and rugs are not very suitable for homes where there are pets. Carpets and rugs stain quickly and retain moisture, which is difficult and time-consuming to clean.

Carpets, on the other hand, are usually expensive and can be easily damaged by pets. Long pile carpets also keep contaminants, such as pet hair, and can cause illness and allergies in the long run. Also, rugs are usually spread in large sizes throughout the building, and washing only one part does not seem easy.

It seems that keeping the home with pet hygienic is difficult if you have carpet flooring.

Cork Flooring

Cork flooring is also not suitable for you if you keep a pet because it is soft and easily damaged by pets. Of course, if you remove the dirt from the floor quickly, you will not have a problem with stains; Because these floors have a protective layer.

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