Any construction operation that is carried out on a natural surface or floor to enable the use and function of space is called floor leveling. If you want any space to have the necessary efficiency, it is necessary to build a special floor for that place. Flooring is an important and decisive part of the building and even outside it.

The purpose of flooring is to create a surface that can be used for a purpose. A surface that, in addition to acceptable appearance and durability, is approved for safety and construction standards. Depending on the usage of the floor, the material and shape of the floor leveling is also different. For example, how to make bathroom floor leveling in a building is different from basement floor leveling.

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Tips for Floor Leveling, 2021, Orange County

Floor leveling should be done using materials that are able to withstand the loads caused by the weight of materials and other building components, furniture and people living in the building. Floors should be resistant to abrasion and have a desirable stamina.

The first important characteristic of floor leveling is its strength and stability. Factors like resistance to penetration and moisture is another major feature of flooring. Flooring must be durable. Other features of floor leveling can be the resistance to sound and heat, as well as resistance to fire. The choice of floor leveling material depends entirely on the location and type of operation.

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Kinds of Floor Leveling?

In terms of location in the building floor, floor leveling is divided into three categories:

–          Floor leveling on the soil

–          Floor leveling between the floors

–          Floor leveling on roof

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Floor Leveling on Soil, 2021, Orange County

In case of flooring on soil, two important issues must be considered. First, the possibility of instability of the subsoil, for example, the presence of agricultural soils can create instability for floor leveling. This causes subsidence and protrusion on the floor surface. The second issue is the absorption of groundwater through soil and building materials into the floor of the building. Floor leveling should be done on a flat surface. Floor leveling on a sloping area is wasting money and reduces the quality of flooring operation. To ensure that the flooring has sufficient strength and does not have moisture, as well as it is placed on a flat and level surface, special operations are required.

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Floor Leveling on Dry Soil, 2021, Orange County

For floor leveling on dry ground, a layer of concrete with a thickness of 10 cm is used. The concrete should then be compacted with a vibrator so that no pores remain and the bubbles are completely empty. In fact, this procedure smooths the surface.

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Floor Leveling on Semi-Dry Soil, 2021, Orange County

For floor leveling on the semi-dry ground, we use blockage. Blockage is the same as rubble and cobblestone. The height of the floor of the building, which is created by blockage, should be 25 to 40 cm thickness. Of course, this thickness is separate from the concrete. If the blockage is done properly, the moisture of soil will not be transferred to the floor in any way. Finally, cement is poured on the blockage and then the desired coating is applied.

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Floor Leveling on Wet Soil, 2021, Orange County

Floor leveling is different according to each environment. If you are in a geographical environment with high humidity, your flooring will be slightly different. For floor leveling on the wet ground, first blockage and rubble should be poured and after concreting, bitumen and asphalt are used to insulate the floor.

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Floor Leveling Between Floors, 2021, Orange County

Floor leveling between floors is done on the roof of the lower floor. This type of flooring should also be completely durable and in the desired level.

You are aware that prevention is always better than cure; For this reason, in floor leveling between floors, be sure to pay attention to the strength of flooring against fire and heat.

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Floor Leveling on Roofs, 2021, Orange County

Since most of the heat loss of the building is done from the roof, according to National Building Regulations, in addition to paying attention to moisture insulation in roof floor leveling, thermal insulation should also be considered. Most people think that the implementation of this article of the National Building Regulations will increase building construction costs, while if this issue is implemented properly in the building, in addition to reducing the initial construction costs, it is also profitable. Thermal insulation can be applied both under the roof and on the roof.

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