Waterproof Luxury Vinyl Flooring is the first step to lay a lovely floor and develop a beautiful home. The brilliance of the design is evident at first glance. There seems to be an endless variety of colors in the palette. You can choose from various vinyl flooring, regardless of whether you prefer a classic or a decidedly modern design. In addition, you have access to several design options, including wooden flooring and stone tiles.

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What is Waterproof Luxurious Vinyl Flooring?

The waterproof quality of LVT flooring makes it easy to maintain and hygienic, adding to the many benefits of LVT, not least of its aesthetic value and the authentic appearance without the problems that come with an actual wood floor or ceramic tile.


Layers of Waterproof Luxurious Vinyl Flooring

As previously mentioned, generally, four layers construct waterproof Luxurious Vinyl flooring: a backing, a core, a luxury vinyl top layer, and a wear layer. Let’s examine each of the four parts:


The Protective Backing Layer

The invisible is just as significant as the visible. Luxurious Vinyl flooring protective backings provide moisture and fungus barrier, ensure the resiliency of vinyl, and determine the type of installation adhesive. Thick floors are generally more durable.


The Waterproof Core

Additionally, one of the significant advantages of WPC over luxury vinyl tiles (LVT), another popular flooring choice, is that they can hide irregularities in the subfloor, even when they are on level surfaces. WPC flooring consists primarily of thermoplastics, wood flour, and calcium carbonate. Realistic planks resemble natural wood on the floor.

It is possible to install this waterproof composite material over most subfloors, depending on the installation site and the applicable building codes. WPC is suitable for moist environments, like bathrooms and basements, due to its waterproof properties. Read more about what WPC is made of.


Luxury Vinyl Printed Layer

The astonishing printed imagery on this page makes Luxury vinyl look (almost) as accurate as natural materials like stone and wood. As a result, people will believe that they’re looking at natural wood or stone! When it comes to vinyl flooring, waterproof Luxury vinyl is typically the best option.


Wear Layer and its Importance

The most noteworthy difference between vinyl tiles is not the color or pattern but the wear layer or surface coating. One of three surface coatings protects the tile from dirt, stains, and scuff marks:

Vinyl without wax

A low-traffic area with little dirt exposure is ideal.


A moderate to heavy traffic area would benefit from this product. Moreover, urethane is easy to clean and resistant to scuff marks and scratches from sliding chairs.

Advanced Urethane

Coatings of this quality are considered the best in the world. In addition to its stain and scratch resistance, advanced urethane maintains its original luster longer than other coatings.

Durability is the best option; select here.

Waterproof Luxury Vinyl Flooring


Waterproof Luxurious Vinyl Flooring and Thickness

When deciding on the thickness of luxurious waterproof vinyl, the condition, and type of subfloor can be essential factors.


Luxurious Vinyl Plank Thickness

Engineered vinyl floors are in specific sizes (12- or 18-inch squares) and thicknesses as a final surface. Various patterns, colors, and textures are available for the flooring. Tiles that adhere to themselves are the simplest to install. The advantages of precision-cut tile include ease of replacing damaged tile, and luxury vinyl tile (LVT) provides a more realistic appearance while preserving the properties of vinyl.


Wear Layer Thickness

In some ways, the wear layer thickness is as essential as wear layer materials but not much more. The wear layer is on top, which protects the floor by acting as its bodyguard. You’d pick a battle-ready bodyguard over a gangly, frail little thing. The availability of excellent bodyguards (wear layers) for every application and budget notwithstanding, there are no perfect options. The thicker the profile, the better. As wear builds up over time (or as the MIL number increases), the layer becomes more viscous. The wear layer thickness alternatives range from 6 MIL to 28 MIL.

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Types of Waterproof Vinyl Flooring

Waterproof Luxurious Vinyl flooring comes in many types, each color, shape, and installation method. Choose the right flooring for an upcoming weekend project that will last for years to come if you plan to do it yourself.


Waterproof Vinyl Plank Flooring

Luxury Vinyl Plank, known as LVP, is an option that is durable, adaptable, and waterproof. LVP will add a natural look to any room, whether they are wood- or stone-looked. These padded cushions are with cork for added warmth, and some are in various ways of installation. Installing LVP flooring is easy with either a click-together installation method or a peel-and-stick method.


Waterproof Vinyl Tile Flooring

Waterproof Luxurious Vinyl Tile made of rigid materials are incredibly durable and typically come in various colors that make them stronger than peel-and-stick tiles and withstand abuse from high traffic, animals, and children. It is noteworthy that the term “luxury” is similar to the word “organic.” In the absence of an industry standard or definition, it is necessary to be cautious when identifying it. A luxury vinyl floor typically (and for us always) has a thick, durable surface, several layers of realistic 3D printing, and a tough wear layer, as well as textured surfaces.

Our selection of colors and styles is enormous.


Waterproof Luxury Vinyl Flooring Styles

The styles, shapes, and colors of waterproof luxury vinyl flooring are numerous; two of them are as follow:


Wood-Look Luxury Vinyl

There are traces of minerals, knots, and grain details. It is possible to achieve an incredibly realistic look with luxury vinyl that has a wood effect. There is more than one type of wood. There is a wood type for every taste and budget: rough plywood or steamed beech to a fumed oak with intricate details and a unique shade. The surfaces are embossed in some cases, adding to the realism, especially when walked on barefoot. The beautiful thing about luxury vinyl flooring with a wood effect is that it does not require nearly the level of maintenance needed for an existing hardwood floor.


Stone-Look Luxury Vinyl

Stone luxury vinyl flooring offers a wealth of vintage appeal and is appropriate for traditional and contemporary homes. In addition to adding a natural feel to any room, stone effect luxury vinyl adds visual appeal and complements almost any type of decor. However, natural stone is cold, slippery, and more expensive to install than stone luxury vinyl flooring, warm, slip-resistant, and soft underfoot.

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Basis of Installation

Be sure to gather all the materials needed for the installation of your waterproof luxury vinyl flooring. A wide selection of glue-down vinyl and cutting services installation methods is to help shape your new waterproof luxury vinyl to match your room precisely. See step-to-step installation.

Waterproof Luxury Vinyl Flooring


Why Buy Waterproof Luxury Vinyl Flooring?

It’s hard to beat luxury vinyl flooring for a flooring solution that is easy to install, seamless, and waterproof. Currently, there are two to four-meter widths available for this type of flooring. However, the benefits of vinyl flooring are not limited to the ones listed above.

  • Seamless

Whether you need floor covering in the various widths, we offer luxury vinyl rolls that will enable you to install your flooring without any joints and attain an aesthetic and perfect finish for your interior.

  • Nature Look of Wood and Tile

Whatever your preference, you can give your home the classic natural look or give it the boldness and character of tiles without the drawbacks that raw materials present. Waterproof Luxurious vinyl flooring design creates any color or style you can imagine, including natural wood and tile, luxurious textures, and opulent designs.

  • The Mute Floor (sound resistant)

It doesn’t matter if you’re barefoot or wearing high heels. Vinyl flooring can absorb sound up to 50% better than comparable flooring! Therefore, these floors are ideal for infill floors in apartments or other areas that must dampen sound.

  • Maximum Waterproofing

Is it essential for your floor to be able to resist muddy, wet shoes or paws? Is your bathroom sometimes used as a swimming pool by your kids? We have a wide selection of waterproof luxury vinyl flooring to suit your needs. In addition to being completely waterproof, this is an ideal choice for your bathroom, your kitchen, or wherever else you may use it.

  • Minimal Maintenance

Floors made of luxurious waterproof vinyl require very little maintenance. Polyurethane varnish adds durability and makes the flooring easy to clean. A wet sponge and standard cleaning supplies are all it takes to keep it clean once in a while.

  • Maximum Durability

Waterproof Luxurious Vinyl flooring is very durable. In addition to being extremely durable, vinyl floors are resistant to stains and general household wear.

  • Cozy Touch & Comfort

A  waterproof luxurious vinyl floor feels soft to the touch and is ideal for walking barefoot because it is padded. In addition, due to its good thermal conduction, waterproof luxury vinyl flooring is a good choice for central heating systems.

  • Fit in any Pocket

Due to its ease of construction, waterproof luxury vinyl flooring is a much more economical option than other natural flooring materials. With a reasonably low price, you can obtain floors that would typically cost thousands of pounds.


How much Waterproof Luxurious Vinyl Costs

If you compare apples with apples, be sure to go with the most practical choice. You will find Waterproof Luxurious Vinyl planks significantly wider with thicker cores and durable surfaces on more costly floors. Also, consider the product’s overall thickness, outerwear exterior, and whether or not a pad comes with the product.

Flooring products made from waterproof materials like luxury vinyl planks are pretty easy to install. The more expensive floors are broader and longer planks with thicker cores and more durable finishes. Comparing similar products will help you make a more informed decision. Ensure to examine the thickness of the product, its wear surface, and whether it comes with a pad. Luxury vinyl planks, for instance, have a reputation for being easy to install.

It is likely, nonetheless, that hiring a professional will be more economical in most cases. As you begin your project, you might find that you’re saving less than you anticipated and have to handle a more extensive project than you expected. What matters is how skilled you are. An average basement would take you two weekends if you had the time and nifty skills to install it yourself. A professional can probably do it in a single day. Your technical skills and free time could save hundreds of dollars if you do it yourself.

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