The floor has a great impact on the overall space, so you must be attentive in choosing the right floor for different places.

In addition to beauty and strength, and the budget, you should consider the environmental situation in which the floor is installed. For example, when you want to buy a floor for an outdoor or indoor area, the specification of the floor differs.

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Standard, the First Criterion of Your Floor

Standard is the most essential and obligatory specification that any kind of floor should have.

According to The International Construction Measurement Standards (ICMS), all flooring and construction products that are used as flooring must pass tests related to fire resistance and various tests approved by the International Construction Measurement Standards.


Consider your budget before choosing the material of your floor. How much budget do you have?

We think this is the most important factor you should consider when deciding to install a floor. If the budget you want to spend is not enough, you should forget floors such as granite or hardwood.

You may desire to cover your house or your yard with luxury flooring, which costs you an arm and a leg. For this reason, cost is one of the most important factors when buying a floor.

Flooring is available at different prices. For example, paving or ceramic flooring is $ 1 per square meter and first-class slab or soapstone is $ 50 per square meter.

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Strength and Resistance

Floor must have sufficient strength and resistance to withstand different factors. Specially for outdoor flooring it should have strength to temperature changes and different weather conditions.

The strength of the flooring depends on how you use it. For example, the products used in the yard of a quiet retired couple are different from a family whose playful children throw their toys around.

Slip-resistant Floor

Pay attention to the structure of the floor in regards to sliding.

If you have little children or pets, it is important to choose a floor which they can easily run on and play on.

Also it is important when choosing a floor for outdoor space. Moisture in the yard is inevitable, therefore, floors should have teeth that prevent people from slipping.

Slip-resistant floor is one of the essential features in choosing a floor. If you have a yard, little children or pets.

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The floor of the house should be in harmony with the general style and architectural materials of the house.

Choose flooring that matches the color, texture, and overall look of your home.

Color of the Floor

Note that the color of the floor that you buy should be different from your home furniture. The color contrast will create a pleasant atmosphere in your home.

If the floor and furniture are the same color, neither your floor nor your furniture will be eye-catching.

For example, if your flooring is in brawn, the principle is that your table and chair should not be in the same color and vice versa. Using lighter and neutral colors will cause excitement in the space.

Creativity and contrast are recommended in interior and exterior designs.

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Weather Condition

Climatic condition is another important factor to consider before buying a floor. If you live in a climate where the process of freezing is a common occurrence, you need flooring that is resistant to severe climate change. For example, some floorings have a low water absorption capacity, but sand floors have many pores. If the floor absorbs water, the floor will break as the water freezes.

Keep in mind that if the flooring has a lack of good resistance to freezing or tropical weather conditions, it will change shape and quality and its durability will be highly reduced.

Therefore, in order to effectively, it is necessary to pay attention to these issues before choosing and buying the flooring.

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The Factor of Light

Did you know that even the amount of light is a factor to consider before floor buying?

The subject that receives less attention in choosing the floor is the amount of light, especially if you install the floor outdoors.

Please note that sunny and bright yards need dark floors and darker shaded areas need lighter colored floors to light up the space.

Does Exposing to the Sunlight Affect the Flooring?

Exposure to sunlight can change the color of a tissue. This change in the chemical bonds of the pigments causes whitening or paleness.

Most buyers’ complaints are also related to the fading color of the purchased goods.

The most important issue that many buyers consider is the discoloration of the floors over time. There is always such a concern about the color of laminate flooring. Sunlight is the most effective element in floor coverings. The effect of sunlight on the color of laminate flooring is directly related to its quality.

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