Wood parquet flooring is produced from various woods, among which, oak flooring has a special place. Oak flooring with a range of warm and lovely colors, makes your home design unique and peerless. Perhaps at first glance, the beauty and extraordinary color of this stylish and luxurious floor will attract attention, but the characteristics of oak parquet flooring are not limited to its appearance. These floors have long durability and are able to exist for a long time. In fact, sellers and buyers, by comparing other woods with oak, can consider a specific criterion for the durability and longevity of oak parquet.

These floors are the best choice for rustic interior design. The harmony of oak wood flooring with other elements in interior design is indescribable. These products with a variety of natural streaks have a special beauty. Features that make these floors more popular are as below.

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Oak, the Strength and Durable flooring for 2021, Orange County

Oak parquet flooring is one of the hardest wood parquets. The composition and density of oak flooring add to its strength and durability. Most of the time, oak wood performs very well and rarely breaks, warps or scratches. This product is made of several layers of natural wood that increase its toughness. Due to the type of construction and the use of hard layers, the strength of the flooring has increased. Normally, these parquets can maintain their original quality for more than 10 years. Oak tiles do not change color over time and do not lose their wood texture. Today, all types of oak flooring are produced by advanced machines under special conditions. These state-of-the-art parquets have a lifespan of more than 25 years, which is due to the addition of some preservatives and protective layers to the parquet. More interestingly, oak becomes more beautiful over time, due to its natural structure and texture.

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The Color Variety of Oak Flooring 2021, Orange County

Oak wood flooring naturally has a variety of beautiful colors and streaks. The diversity of species in oak trees as well as its various colors is another reason for the popularity of this eye-catching flooring in interior design. All of these colors are stunning and attractive. If you are looking for a stylish and luxurious decoration, replace the old and faded floors with an oak flooring parquet.

Excellent paintability of oak parquet is another exclusive feature of oak hardwood parquet. This material can also be changed to any color.

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The Light Colored Oak Flooring Idea, 2021 in Orange County

If you want to install bright and attractive flooring in your interior design, one of the best solutions for you is to use light color laminate flooring. Due to the color and proper light reflection, bright oak flooring makes your space spacious. In addition, the natural colors of this type of flooring make it suitable to fit in most of the interior design types.

Installing this type of wood flooring can easily bring nature to your home or workplace, and also bring positive energy to the surrounding environment.

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The Warm and Lovely Honey-Colored Oak Flooring

If you are interested in classic colors and designs, honey-colored oak laminate flooring can keep you satisfied. This warm color flooring can absorb more heat that would be wonderful in most seasons of the year, especially the cold seasons. Its beauty has a good effect on the environment.

The Dark Colored Oak Flooring Idea, 2021 in Orange County

The dark oak hardwood flooring can also be a good choice for many places. Using dark-colored oak flooring can give warmth and positive energy to your environment. At the same time, by using this type of laminate flooring in the workplace, the space becomes more formal. Today, due to the stunning beauty of much dark oak laminate flooring, they have been widely used in home and office interior design.

Oak Flooring 2021, Convenient to Maintain

Oak parquet floors are easy to clean. This product is very resistant to dust and dirt. The protective covering surface prevents contaminants from penetrating the internal texture of the floor. Oak wood floor has a much stronger structure than other natural woods. The high density of oak increases the strength and the stability of the floor. The strong and extremely hard structure of oak makes this beautiful and elegant flooring more resistant to all kinds of insects, especially fungi. This will make the wood more durable.

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You do not need to clean the floor surface with strong detergents. You only need a mop or a damp towel to clean the floor. Since the surface of oak is smooth and without pores, it is much easier to clean than other floors.

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Oak Flooring 2021, Easy to Burnish

One of the advantages of oak hardwood flooring is that you can polish it. This feature also increases the lifespan of oak wood flooring. If the parquet surface becomes full of scratches over time, you can hire a professional to burnish and make it as new as its first day. The possibility of polishing oak wood parquet is directly related to its thickness. All worn oak parquet can be renewed in the same way.

After the surface scratches on the parquet are repaired, the parquets can be professionally polished with special varnish or oil for exterior polish. In addition, it is possible to change the color of the parquet at this stage. In this way, interior decoration can be done at a low cost and without the need to replace old flooring.

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