When you want to have durable, economical, and attractive flooring for your home interior design, both vinyl and laminate flooring stand out. These floorings are easy to install. They cost almost the same and are approximately the same appearance. You may be confused choosing between laminate and vinyl flooring because both products have large common specifications. Most importantly, they look very similar, especially when compared to luxury vinyl flooring (LVF). Vinyl flooring, like some laminate flooring, is very similar to natural wood or natural stone. These two types of flooring are indeed very similar in appearance, but if you consider them based on a set of specific criteria, the two types of flooring are completely different.

Laminate flooring and vinyl flooring are among the floors that attract clients. Comparing vinyl flooring and laminate flooring can make it easier to choose the flooring for your desired space and get a better result.

In this article, “Orange County’s Flooring America” compares laminate flooring and vinyl flooring.

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Vinyl Flooring General Specification 2021, Orange County

Vinyl flooring base material is a kind of plastic material called polyvinyl chloride. The most important characteristic of this material is its high strength and flexibility. The other essential layers of vinyl flooring are PVC compact materials, fiber ,and several other layers.

The Structure of Vinyl Flooring

  1. Wear Layer

The top layer of this flooring is a transparent wear layer that is anti-UV and does not fade in the sun and prevents the floor from scratches and grazes.

  1. Pattern or Printed Vinyl Layer

The second layer is the printed vinyl layer, where vinyl looks identical to natural materials like stone and wood. This layer increases the strength of the floor.

  1. Core Layer

The third layer which is called the main or core layer is made of PVC material. This layer won’t ripple, swell or peel no matter how much it is exposed to moisture.

  1. Backing Layer

The bottom or backing layer, which is the last layer, sticks under the floor and prevents deviation in the floor. This is the backbone of your vinyl floor.

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Laminate Flooring General Specification 2021, Orange County

Laminate flooring, also known as floating wood tile, is a composite artificial flooring that is formed by a process of joining several layers together. This product simulates wood (and sometimes stone) using a layer of the painted layer under a transparent protective layer. Laminate flooring is more popular than other alternative flooring products, perhaps because it is relatively easy to install and maintain, and its price is affordable. This product is stable and hygienic enough and some of its brands contain antimicrobial resins.

Laminate Flooring Structure 2021, Orange County

  1. Wear Layer

Perhaps the most important layer of Laminate flooring is the wear layer. This protective layer is produced under high temperature and pressure conditions. The cover obtained in this way is very resistant to scratches, bumps, burns caused by cigarette fire, and furniture and chairs injuries.

  1. Pattern Layer

Pattern or decorative paper are available with the various options. This layer can also protect the floor from UV rays and strengthen the surface hardness and resistance. This layer gives style and value to your floor.

  1. Substrate Layer

The substrate or inner core layer is generally constructed by an ultra-durable fiberboard and a resin that is specifically designed to be water resistant and to fight off the general injuries that your laminate flooring will experience from everyday use.

  1. Backing Layer

The backing layer is located on the very bottom of your laminate flooring, and serves as the foundation. More than anything else, the backing layer works to protect both the laminate. The backing layer is extremely water resistant.

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Laminate vs Vinyl Flooring, in Term of Appearance 2021, Orange County

In the past, it was easy to tell the difference between laminate and vinyl. Vinyl flooring was in the form of a sheet with a printed design, the appearance of which was designed in the form of ceramic tiles. Laminate flooring was made with a wood-like design but had the appearance of plastic. But modern luxury laminate and vinyl flooring look like wood, stone, and ceramic. These floors also have three-dimensional designed surfaces.

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Laminate vs Vinyl Flooring, in Term of Water Resistance 2021, Orange County

When it comes to water resistance, we at Orange County’s Flooring America suggest you choose vinyl flooring. All vinyl flooring is made of 100% waterproof material. Vinyl flooring is a good choice in bathrooms and humid places like basements. Vinyl laminate flooring, which is commonly available in the form of roll with a width of 3.5 meters, does not need to be sealed and is, therefore, a good choice as a waterproof flooring for wet places.

Laminate flooring manufacturers also try to produce waterproof materials, but except for some products, all laminate flooring has a chipboard core, and since chipboard is a wood product, it swells if exposed to moisture.

It is wrong to use laminate flooring for bathrooms and places that are exposed to moisture. Some laminate flooring companies have emphasized that the product should not be used in the basement. For wet areas, waterproof flooring such as vinyl or ceramic tile is the best choice.

Floor choosing in areas that may be exposed to moisture, such as the kitchen, bathroom, toilet, laundry, changing room, and entrance hall is a little difficult. If you can clean and dry water and moisture stains very quickly, you can also use laminate flooring, which is marketed as waterproof flooring. What destroys the laminate flooring is exposing it to water or moisture for a long time, which causes humidity to penetrate the laminate joints and enter the chipboard core.

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Laminate vs Vinyl Flooring, in Term of Comfort and Sound 2021, Orange County

Laminate flooring conveys a feeling of dryness to the feet; In addition, it produces more sound when walking on it. In fact, by adding a layer of foam under this kind of floor, you can reduce both the feeling of dryness and the sound of the floor. Some people believe that the laminate flooring is warmer to the touch and easier to walk on because laminate flooring is thicker than vinyl flooring and contains a combination of wood materials.

Vinyl flooring, on the other hand, is relatively cold and harder to walk, especially if it is installed on concrete or ceramic tile flooring. One of the advantages of vinyl flooring is its flexibility, which is why the things that fall on vinyl flooring are less likely to break. Flexible flooring also reflects less noise.

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Laminate vs Vinyl Flooring, in Term of Environmental Factors 2021, Orange County

If you care about the environment and prefer to use recyclable green building materials, laminate flooring is a good choice due to its natural wood materials in the chipboard core. But in laminate flooring, a plastic surface layer, and the melamine resin used in the core layer is not recyclable and may release chemical gases to the environment.

In general, none of these materials are as eco-friendly as natural wood, linoleum, and bamboo, but laminate flooring has a higher score than vinyl flooring due to its 90% wood content.

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