If you desire to renovate your home according to the trendiest style of 2021, we at Flooring America highly recommend you to choose our laminate flooring product. Floating floor, or laminate, consists of a combination of several layers of wood. In fact, this type of flooring does not connect to the ground with construction materials such as industrial glues or cement. These laminate floors are very easy to maintain and if high quality, they would seem like wood. Floating or laminate flooring, as you can see in the picture, is easily connected to each other in small grooves, so it is very easy to install.

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2021 Laminate Flooring General Specification in Orange County

Laminate flooring is usually made of wood or other materials that are based on wood. In fact, laminate flooring, which is in high demand today, is a new generation of the same floating parquet. Floating parquet thickness is about 2.5 mm to 6 mm and consists of a decorative layer and a protective final layer. The final layer is very important because it prevents the flooring from moisture, stains and scratches.

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Pros of Laminate Flooring

One of the most important advantages of laminate flooring is that it is easy and hassle-free to install. Glue is not used in the installation of laminate flooring, so it does not damage the previous floor. For example, if we assume the previous floor of our home or work is ceramic, we can easily use the laminate flooring and install it on the ceramic, and if we wish, we can reassemble the laminate flooring later and use the ceramic and re-install the same laminate elsewhere.

Laminate floor is largely insulated from sound, heat and cold. This feature is given to laminate flooring due to the foam that is spread under it before installation and is a very important feature. Another feature of laminate flooring is its high installation speed. Assuming an apartment of about 100 meters, its laminate flooring will be installed within one or two days. Perhaps the most important advantage of laminate flooring is to use it immediately after installation.

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3 Important Steps in Installing Laminate Flooring

There are some important points to consider while installing laminate flooring:

  1. Before installation, make sure about the balance and flatness of the under layer of laminate floor. Laminate floors can be installed on any type of floor and as long as the under floor surface is clean, smooth and dry, you can install the laminate floor.
  2. A thin layer of flexible polyethylene should be spread under the laminate floor. This impermeable layer acts as an insulator to prevent water and sound penetration.
  3. As mentioned before, all current laminate floor products have a jointing or groove system and you can easily attach pieces to each other. This kind of flooring is ready to walk on once installed.

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Essential Tips in Maintaining Laminate Flooring 2021, Orange County

As mentioned earlier, laminate flooring is much easier to maintain. The most convenient and cheapest way to maintain the beauty and durability of laminate flooring is to always keep the floor clean. Laminate parquet is produced in several layers. Each layer has a specific task. The material and durability of the product is directly related to the quality of these layers. In higher quality floors, in addition to the 3 main layers, a waterproof layer is also installed, which makes the floor washable. In fact, proper cleaning of laminate flooring is the most important factor in its care and maintenance.

Never pull heavy appliances or heavy furniture on the surface of the laminate floors as they will scratch quickly and damage the outer surface of the laminate. Note that if the laminate flooring is not installed well, there will be a gap or empty space between them. In this case, water and moisture penetrate into the interior layers and reduce the durability and strength of the flooring.

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How to Clean the Laminate Flooring?

Knowing the proper methods of cleaning floors would help the durability and beauty of your flooring. Of course, today there are many types of cleaners on the market that can be used to clean the laminate flooring surface and increase its brightness.

If you want to clean the laminate floor step by step, in the first stage, a vacuum cleaner is the best tool to remove dust from the surface of the laminate floor. Even the use of steam cleaners is not recommended for this purpose.

In the next step, you can gently rub the surface of the laminate floor using the towel and clean it gently. Of course, it is important to remember that in general, laminate flooring should not remain wet or damp, so be very careful to keep this type of flooring dry.

Watch out for spills of materials such as molten candles, ink, chewing gum, etc. that may stick to the surface of the laminate floor and gradually damage it. If this happens, use a laminate detergent and dry it thoroughly after cleaning.

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