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Luxury vinyl used in home renovation projects can substantially increase your home’s resale value. Make simple updates and remodels to reap the rewards of your efforts.

Wouldn’t it make sense to start with your floors if you want to impress prospective customers? Installing the suitable types of flooring inside your home can enhance its appeal to potential buyers even if the market for estate agents can be competitive.


Therefore, which flooring choices will offer you the most significant return on your investment and increase the price of your home? Throughout the following blog post, I will examine the most critical factors influencing flooring choices, as well as explain how LVT can bring some value to your home by providing a comparison between it and other types of flooring.

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Flooring Renovation: Why is it Needed?

Depending on what type of flooring might add resale value, you might fit into one of three categories of flooring products explained further. Perhaps you are trying to switch (or renovate) a house, or maybe you want to freshen up your house. If you’re going to improve the look of your home, remodeling the flooring is a terrific option.


You will stay active throughout the day, the home will have aesthetic value, and it can significantly enhance the decor. Therefore, flooring can have a significant impact on your home, but don’t fret!

Switching houses are an ideal time to stage a house.

Buying a home and remodeling and updating it for a profit is known as house flipping.


Therefore, when renovating, pay close attention to the floor, but evaluate the benefits and drawbacks of different materials and styles. Choosing the floor requires consideration of three factors.


  1. Removal of old flooring costs

Your old flooring must be repaired, leveled, or removed before you can install your new one. Getting rid of old flooring requires both time and money, which will impact your installation costs.


  1. Uncomfortable aspects of the installation

You might have to wait longer before moving, depending on the type of flooring you choose. Ceramic tiles, for example, need to be grouted within 24 hours after installation. Adaptation to the environment is necessary before installing solid hardwood flooring.

Installation timetables may vary based on the dimensions or shape of your rooms.

Installing your rooms is relatively easy if they are just boxes. Those with curved walls or stairs (or even houses with nooks and crannies) that require specialty cuts will experience a slower installation process and a higher price.


  1. Home prices

It is essential to determine what kind of flooring will add the most value to your home based on its price point. Flooring up to the median value of a home or less is appropriate with vinyl or laminate. The highest-priced homes are more likely to have hardwood floors, stone tile, or vinyl plank. Read more about how real state agencies estimated home resale value.

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Maintain Consistency in Your Flooring

The modern property buyer looks for a beautiful space that radiates quality before making an offer. It is advisable to upgrade all the flooring in your home with the same material if they are different.

You can create a beautiful visual flow in each room when you use the same type of flooring. To prevent this, avoid combining laminates in the kitchen and hardwoods in the living room.

Keeping consistency throughout your home’s appearance will show buyers that you take pride in its appearance. A neutral color scheme also allows potential buyers to envision their furnishings once they move in.


Waterproof Flooring

Are you seeking a great flooring option to meet your family’s demands? Consider waterproof flooring. In areas of a home that experience a lot of moisture, such as the kitchen, laundry room, and basement, waterproof flooring is the ideal choice.

You can choose from a variety of waterproof flooring available now. Have you considered hardwood flooring for your home? The flooring industry manufactures waterproof covering that combines the stunning views of hardwood with the efficiency of vinyl flooring.


From hardwood to LVT, there are many waterproof flooring ideas for your home. Best of all, you can easily find a waterproof floor that suits both your budget and style.

A house with waterproof flooring is appealing for homebuyers for apparent reasons: who wouldn’t want to live there? Because waterproof floors require minimal maintenance and are long-lasting, they are hassle-free flooring for the modern household.


You can quickly increase a home’s value and support its sales quickly by adding natural hardwood floors with waterproof cores.

LVT, which mimics the look of wood while costing a fraction of natural hardwood, will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on potential buyers.


Vinyl Luxury Flooring vs. Other Types

You might find the process of choosing new flooring for your house to be exciting and overwhelming at the same time. There are numerous flooring brands on the market, each offering a different style, color, texture, and pattern that puts additional pressure on you because you need to carefully weigh your family’s needs against the wants and needs of potential home buyers. Even if you were to begin, how would you proceed?


In this blog post, I have compiled a list of the best flooring choices to provide homeowners’ best return on investment to help you choose the best flooring.

Moreover, it does not negatively affect the advantages that these flooring options offer.

The options for replacing your flooring are a few. While they may share specific characteristics, they also have unique advantages. To find out if LVF flooring increases property values, let’s compare it to other types of flooring.

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Wood flooring

Other types of flooring (like carpet) do not retain their value for as long as wooden floors. Yes, wood flooring can be scratched, dented, chipped, and water damage is possible; however, you can avoid these problems with proper care and maintenance.

  • Solid Hardwood Flooring

There are many ways to make solid hardwood look like wood flooring nowadays, but solid hardwood remains the only complete solution. Neither a wood floor nor a wood floor top can be labeled as “real wood” unless made from a solid piece of wood, top to bottom.

The species offered include oak, hickory, maple, and heart pine, each with a distinct color and pattern.

Several times of sanding and refinishing wood floors can make your beautiful floors look brand new right before selling them for a high market price.

As a result of eliminating allergy and microbiological triggers, solid wood floors improve air quality. Hardwood is a sustainable, eco-friendly floor material with a long lifespan; with proper maintenance, you will enjoy your hardwood floors for many years to come.

  • Engineered hardwood

Natural wood is the compromised component of The engineered hardwood. Still, they only have one top layer of solid hardwood, such as oak or maple, and only the upper layer is arranged.

Engineered wood has the advantage of shrinking and enlarging less than solid hardwood, which makes it ideal for basements, in addition to its low cost.

An alternative to hardwood, engineered wood flooring adds value to a home that’s less expensive than natural hardwood.


The easy sanding and refinishing of engineered wood (though not as often as solid hardwood) make it a good choice.

A better choice for bathrooms and kitchens would be engineered wood, which resists moisture better than solid hardwood.

Using engineered wood in the following places is a proper choice: Bathrooms, kitchens, and basements (Note: damp areas in the basement will require additional maintenance to keep the wood in good condition).

  • Laminate Flooring

The flooring material laminate isn’t technically wood, but it can give you the same look as natural wood without the hassle or expense of installing real hardwood floors.

This flooring contains high-density fiberboard, decorative wood grain paper, and glued foam padding.

Besides saving money on setup, the money saved can also go towards buying a better laminate. These high-performance floors resist scratches and stains due to their wood content, usually 90 percent or more.

Installing click-lock laminate flooring is quick and easy. Living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, and hallways are all possible placement options.

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Carpeting Options

The time had passed when the carpet was wall-to-wall. Even in cold climate areas, carpet remains a popular choice, as it provides insulation. It is a versatile flooring option with a range of grades, materials, and installation options.

  • Builder-grade Carpet


The term builder’s grade refers to low-cost building materials such as carpets. Polyester or olefin, two of the most commonly used synthetic materials, are typically used in making this carpet. In addition to being sun-fading and moisture-resistant, plastic carpets and synthetic carpets are stain-resistant as well.

A few builders’ carpets are ecologically friendly since recycled plastic is the main component of its combination.

The cheapest option is to use a builder-grade carpet.

The options for placement include family rooms, rumpus rooms, and playrooms.

  •  Loop Pile Carpet

Loop pile carpet uses uncut yarn with both ends connected to the carpet backing.

One of the most durable carpet options is a carpet with a tightly looped pile.

Some loop piles lack tracks, which means they will not leave any footprints or vacuum lines behind.

Manufacturers can create textured patterns by looping at different heights.

It is easier to clean loop piles, such as Berber, which contains fewer allergens.

The best place to put it is in office areas, family rooms, and game rooms.

Learn more about loop pile vs. cut pile carpet

  •  Cut Pile Carpet

The name suggests that cut pile carpet is shorn to the same length and upholstered, exposing the fiber ends on top.

As a result, it is the most common kind of carpet, both in appearance and feel.

Taking a seat and standing on a cut pile is much more pleasant than other types.

The fabrics come in multicolor fibers to disguise wear patterns and stains.

Cut pile appeals to buyers because it looks comfortable and luxurious.

The living room, bedroom, den, and TV room are possible placement options.

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Versatile vinyl

Vinyl has a negative reputation in the market as a cheap, long-lasting flooring type that does not raise the value of a house.

The common perception is that sheet vinyl is a cheesy, dated design found in many 1970s homes. I wonder if they’re picturing the adhesive peel-and-stick vinyl tiles that cuddle up in steamy bathrooms after a while.

Luxury vinyl, however, has recently emerged, which adds value even to higher-end homes and works well.

  • Luxury Vinyl Plank

Unlike luxury tile and hardwood flooring, luxury vinyl comes in tile and plank formats that look like high-quality stone tile or hardwood.

In designing vinyl flooring, designers worked hard to replicate the grain and color of solid hardwood and replicate its cut and textures. Vinyl flooring maintains all its benefits, including durability and waterproofing.

Simple to install and inexpensive. Extremely durable and resistant to water.

With different styles to choose from, this flooring appears luxurious. The product is ideal for use throughout the home, particularly in the bathroom and kitchen.

  • Luxury Vinyl Tile

Luxury vinyl tiles are comparatively more expensive than regular vinyl tiles because of their waterproofing. Modern in appearance and more durable, this unit can withstand time and water. LVT also increases the resale value of the home when replacing damaged tiles, laminates, or linoleum.

Renovations and new construction often use luxury vinyl tile and luxury vinyl plank due to being water repellent. LVT is glued to the existing floor instead of being snapped together, as is the case with LVP.


Also, flooring can add long-term value to a home since the materials are more durable than less expensive alternatives.

Most millennials, who now account for almost 40% of home buyers, are concerned with durability and ease of maintenance.

The following place would be best: Useful in the bathroom and kitchen and throughout the house.



Luxury vinyl is an excellent material for kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms because of its durability and water resistance. Still, I often fail to use it for these assets since it can not convince me of its benefits. This material is highly durable, water-repellent, and soft when compared to hardwood and tile. Consequently, hardwood and tile flooring can be worthwhile investments in higher-end homes.

With luxury vinyl flooring installed throughout a home, you can enjoy all of the benefits of hardwood while also ensuring water resistance. Some have scratch resistance, making them ideal for pet-owning families.


At one point, people may have mocked the term of vinyl flooring. Though vinyl was considered outdated and lacking decades ago, as technology and manufacturing have progressed, it has only become more efficient and effective.

As vinyl flooring gains popularity, more buyers are now actively looking for vinyl flooring. The best part is, luxury vinyl flooring is highly cost-effective!

Among the significant reasons people might prefer laminate to hardwood is the fact that it is more affordable. Fortunately, vinyl flooring has a cost that is close to exact.


The price can vary depending on where you look and what style you choose. Its performance is comparable to laminate, yet it still retains many of its advantages.

You are thinking of renovating your flooring but are concerned about the resale value. Give us a call.






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