There is no reason to confuse vinyl sheets with LVF, which tends to tear easily. PVC is the primary component of luxurious vinyl flooring, which is entirely waterproof. With options that look like wood, stone, or ceramic tile, it can be installed quickly over existing flooring, providing a long-lasting alternative to carpet, wood, or tiles. Perfect for enhancing the appearance of any space and complementing any design aesthetic and visual appeal. The ability of LVF to withstand water is a significant difference between the two products. So if you’re worried about picking durable flooring, here are signs you should consider.


Why LVF Stands out from Standard Vinyl Flooring

Compared to regular vinyl flooring, luxury vinyl flooring has some similarities but differs in that it tends to mimic the appearance of natural materials such as wood and stone.

Standard Vinyl FlooringLuxury Vinyl Flooring
ThicknessQuite thinSturdier, thicker construction
DimensionRolls of 6 or 12 feet; square tiles of 6 to 18 inchesPlanks with a dimension of 4 1/2 x 48 inches; tiles with a size of 12 to 18 inches square
DurabilityA 10 to 15-year-old’s lifespanLast as much as 25 years
AppearanceSimilar to ceramic or stone tileSimilar to laminate flooring


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 How to Determine a Durable Waterproof LVF

As durability is often a critical factor in selecting a floor, the following factors are crucial for deciding whether luxury vinyl floors are durable:


What Durability Means

Remarkably, the flooring’s uppermost wear layer has a high hardness. The more long-lasting a flooring is, the more valuable it can be. Due to its durability, some guarantees can last up to 20 years. Luxurious vinyl tiles possess outstanding durability and stability thanks to the heat and pressure they undergo in production processes.


1.  Multiple Layers

There are typically four layers to the plank, which makes it more durable. First, the backing layer protects both the subfloor and the plank. Next, adding a design layer above the core layer allows a realistic 3D image of timber to be displayed. Finally, there is a transparent layer of wear protection on the plank.

Wear Layer

At least four other layers make up the LVF’s construction before the wear layer. Aluminum oxide or a ceramic bead is used in conjunction with a polyurethane coating to add strength. Because it is the essential component of luxurious vinyl flooring, the wear layer is frequently the most expensive component. Choosing a tile with a durable wear layer is vital if you use LVF elegant vinyl flooring in high-traffic areas.

Wear layers are the topcoats and finishes of vinyl flooring that protect a home from scuffs, dents, scrapes, and stains. Over time, a floor with a heavier wear layer is more durable.

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The luxury vinyl plank thickness ranges from 6 to 12 inches. Most luxury vinyl flooring products have a thicker wear layer, which increases durability. Furthermore, luxury vinyl is easier to repair. Wear layer thickness determines how long your LVF will last and how well it will perform. As a result, the thicker this layer is, the more durable your flooring will be.


2. Stain Resistance

LVF that comes with a protective wear layer resists stains and spills, as previously mentioned. Despite the messiest moments of life, vinyl plank floors will stay perfect because of their sturdy cores and durable surfaces.

3. Scratch-Resistant

A luxury vinyl floor can resist scratches and dents exceptionally well. As a result, it is relatively easy to restore the beauty of a tile floor that has become worn. Usually, you can quickly and affordably replace an individual tile if you damage it beyond repair.

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4. Waterproof

Whether luxurious vinyl flooring has been in place for a short time or for years to come, layers of durable materials make waterproof flooring that will not allow water to penetrate. Kitchens and bathrooms are ideal places to install waterproof flooring. In case of spills, waterproof luxury vinyl plank flooring won’t buckle. If the leak is large or the length of time the water sits before being cleaned up, water can cause damage or discoloration. The cost of waterproof luxury vinyl wood flooring is typically higher than that of water-resistant flooring.

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How to Keep LVF more durable?

To keep luxurious vinyl more durable:

  • Protect high traffic areas with rugs and mats to preserve the wear layer
  • Cover furniture bottoms with felt
  • Use sliders under heavy items
  • Remove loose dirt from the floor with a broom made of soft bristles
  • To clean the floor, use a neutral-PH, non-abrasive floor cleaner
  • Mopp with warm water will suffice for general cleaning



An adequately maintained LVF will last a very long time. Luxurious vinyl flooring is flexible, but it is tough and durable compared to roll sheet vinyl. In addition, since luxury vinyl floors are synthetic, they are resistant to moisture and climate. In this way, moisture and temperature changes in the flooring do not affect the flooring’s straightness.

Vinyl planks are much more rigid and durable than hardwood. It’s pretty easy to maintain luxury vinyl tile since it’s very durable and stable. Many investors offer guarantees of up to fifteen years, making the coverings a prominent alternative to laminate. Hard-wearing material makes it durable and long-lasting.

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