Over time, new methods and materials have been introduced to cover the floor of buildings. Families can change and install the floor of their building according to their taste and also according to the space they have. Floors are very important in decoration, and people care about the floor covering of their home.

Knowing the types of flooring is among the necessities of interior decoration design. Choosing the right flooring makes you feel comfortable while walking, and in addition, it affects the appearance of your home and makes it more stylish and trendy. In fact, state-of-the-art and durable flooring is the basis of interior decoration. In this article, we will introduce you to the best and most popular flooring so that you can be smart in choosing the flooring that suits your taste and interior decoration.

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Flooring & Interior Design 2021, Orange County

One of the most important elements in interior design is the floor covering of the building. The floor of the building takes up a lot of space and because of this, it is more visible than other spaces in the interior design. When buying, you should pay attention to such things as the amount of commuting and the place where you intend to lay the flooring. For example, in places where the traffic is high, use hard and durable flooring, and in places with low traffic, it is better to install floors that are more decorative.

Other factors such as personal taste, budget, fire resistance, appropriate facade and type of infrastructure are also involved when choosing and buying flooring.

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Interior Decoration & Flooring Idea 2021, Orange County

Floor covering is very important in interior decoration. Since the building’s floor is a wide space, the importance of this issue will be doubled when it comes to the interior design. Choosing flooring with the right design and color can give a better effect to the environment and will have a great impact on home decoration. Flooring material is important for the temperature balance. And, it should provide suitable conditions for children, and other family members to sit, play and sleep on it.

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Flooring Material Categories, 2021, Orange County

Flooring materials are divided into two categories: carpet and non-textile flooring. Carpets are potentially made of either synthetic fiber or natural yarn.

Non-textile floorings are tiles, wood, vinyl, glass and so on.

Cons & Pros of Woven Carpet Flooring

Carpets allow you to sit in all parts of the house and enjoy it’s soft and cozy texture. The variety of colors and designs is another feature of using carpet in the interior design of the building. You can use beautiful cartoon designs for your child’s bedroom, while for your living room, you can choose a stylish color and design. Carpet installation is also very easy and the largest areas can be covered in a few hours. The pleasant heat is another advantage of using carpet as flooring in your home decoration.

Carpet also has its drawbacks. One of the most important weaknesses is the inability to wash it. Carpet cleaning is a costly and difficult task.

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Non-textile Flooring, 2021, Orange County

There is a massive variety in non-textile flooring materials. The expansion of this kind of flooring is from different kinds of natural and synthetic stone and wood to vinyl, glass and so on. Let us talk about some of these various flooring materials.

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Stone Flooring, 2021, Orange County

One of the most common materials for flooring is stone. Natural is known as one of the most eye-catching and of course the most expensive types of flooring. Stones are also used in the exterior area of the building due to their high strength and resistance. This material is installed for the flooring of the most luxury homes. The high price of natural stone has made some buyers prefer cheaper products.

Granite, marble or onyx, travertine, marble and porcelain are among the most stunning stone floorings. In addition to the floor, stone tile is also used in the walls and facade of the building.

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Ceramic Flooring, 2021, Orange County

Ceramic is also a popular flooring material. Ceramics are produced in different sizes and dimensions. The dimensions and quality of ceramic flooring have a great impact on determining its price. Ceramic flooring has a high resistance to moisture. For this reason, despite the variety of modern floorings, ceramics are still installed in buildings. Ceramic installation is very common in office and home toilets. These days, with the production of modern flooring, ceramics have lost their place in the living room, but in the kitchen, balcony, bathroom, toilet and other wet places are still the best choice.

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Wood Flooring, 2021, Orange County

Wood is one of the most luxurious materials for covering the building floor. Wood flooring is made of natural woods such as oak, maple, pine, spruce and due to lack of raw materials, wood flooring is costly and priceless. This kind of flooring brings a sense of warmth to your home and is very suitable for people who want to use elements of nature in their home decoration. Natural wood is luxurious and valuable. This product has beautiful colors and very eye-catching patterns that make the interior decoration look stylish and extremely luxurious.

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Laminate Flooring, 2021, Orange County

Laminate flooring is made of compressed wood fibers or HDF. This type of flooring is very similar in appearance to wood parquet, but does not have the drawbacks of wood flooring and is much cheaper than them. Laminate flooring consists of 4 layers. The most important and main constituent layer is called HDF. The decorative layer of laminate flooring is on the top surface and inspires the feeling of natural wood.

Laminate is a modern and relatively new floor. This product can be used to cover the floor of the living room, bedroom and any other place. There are no restrictions on installing laminate on ceramic, concrete and cement surfaces. New laminate floors have a waterproof layer and are somewhat resistant to moisture, but it is recommended that the laminate not be installed in damp places.

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PVC or Vinyl Flooring, 2021, Orange County

PVC is derived from the term Poly Vinyl Chloride and has recently entered the field of construction industry. This product is available in two types of rolls and adhesives. PVC is a type of compressed plastic. In terms of thickness, PVC flooring is available in 2 and 3 millimeters in the market. Depending on the installation location and the expected performance, PVC roll and tile flooring can be provided in different thicknesses.

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Glass Flooring, 2021, Orange County

Glass is one of the newest and most amazing products in interior decoration design. This kind of flooring has a fragile appearance, but in practice, they are considered as very durable types of flooring. Glass floors are made in three-layer glass, which increases the resistance of the flooring to the pressure and the dangers of falling objects. The structure of glass flooring is different from what is used in window construction. This unique and modern flooring is usually used in luxury and modern buildings. These floors make the design more dazzling and amazing. All glass flooring is produced in the form of panels in the same size. During installation, the glass panels are installed next to each other and the desired surface is covered. These panels are widely used in floors, ceilings, walls and other places. Due to the special polish on the floor surface, the floor is not slippery at all. A wavy and matte layer has been applied to increase friction in some products.

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