Any action that requires removing materials from a building to remove, repair, and renovate all or part of the building is called demolition. Before starting the demolition operation, it should be planned and done with the observation of the supervising engineer.

Demolition of the building floor is done in different ways depending on the type of flooring. For example, if the floor of the house is stone, it is easy to separate the stone tiles from the floor, but it is a bit challenging to carry the construction debris due to the heavy weight of the stone. The same is true for the ceramic floor. But for example, for the destruction of laminate flooring, you can reuse the flooring if the trained workers do it. Floor demolition is usually done with hilt, shovels, and pickaxes.

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Floor Demolition, Step by Step

When it comes to floor demolition, obtaining the necessary permission from the official authorities is obligatory. In addition, the contractor should get the information from the relevant institutions for water, electricity, gas, etc., to access the methods of disconnecting them.

Remember to avoid any damage by using leather gloves, dust masks, goggles, and clothing that covers your arms and legs. Wear appropriate safety clothing to protect against the dangers of demolition. If you do not protect yourself adequately, you may be damaged when destroying the floor. Work gloves, long-sleeved shirts, and long pants can prevent superficial and minor injuries as well as injuries to your hands, arms, and legs. You should also wear goggles and a dust mask. If you want to destroy a large area of ​​the tile floor, knee braces are beneficial to protect your knee.

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Cover Home Appliances

Cover home appliances and the surface you do not want to get dirty. These surfaces can include a sofa, cabinets, or any appliances close to the floor. During the work, dust and even small pieces of materials will most likely be scattered around. Therefore, it is better to cover the surrounding areas with plastic to have less cleaning after the demolition is completed. If you want to put your tools and equipment on a cabinet or table, it is better to cover it with plastic.

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Demolition of Concrete Floor, 2021, Orange County

There are many methods for the demolition of the concrete floor. In the mechanical process, destruction of the concrete floor is based on the application of force and impact, which can be used according to the conditions and dimensions of the concrete structure. This process requires a more skilled workforce than equipment. However, the cost of demolishing floor concrete is relatively lower compared to similar techniques such as cutting concrete.

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Demolition of Tile Floor, 2021, Orange County

For tiled floor demolition, identify the tiles that need to be destroyed. Old, broken, cracked tiles and even tiles with damaged edges are among these tiles. The best place to start demolition is where the fixture has shrunk or disappeared. Removing tiles from these areas is usually an easy task. If there are no broken tiles or broken joints, try loosening one of the side tiles on the floor or hammering or chipping the middle of a tile to break it.

Demolition of tile floors is very time-consuming, so be patient and move slowly not to harm yourself and others.

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Reconstruction of Wood Floor, 2021, Orange County

Wood flooring always creates a beautiful look in any home. Many people choose wood flooring for their bedroom as well as their living room. However, this type of flooring, after a long time, becomes worn out. Water and moisture, direct sunlight, and fire are among the crucial factors that destroy wooden floors. When the flooring is damaged, you should either completely replace it or repair it.

Repair and reconstruction of wooden flooring require its knowledge. Wood flooring is usually produced as a piece, which is completed by putting them together. For this reason, you can remove pieces easily.

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