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While laying flooring in a newly built home, you need to remember a few points when selecting your flooring. The choice of waterproof flooring is an important consideration, although it is sometimes confused with water-resistant flooring.


Choosing the right flooring is another important consideration when flooring a room or area. Kitchen flooring can differ significantly from what you choose for your rooms, for instance. Waterproof flooring differs from water-resistant flooring in this respect. If you’re looking for a high-quality flooring team that will guide you in choosing the best and most appropriate flooring for every room in your home, CTA Find your best choice.


These two terms may appear similar superficially, but they are very different from one another in reality. So, to begin with, it would be better to define waterproofing and water-resistance flooring comprehensively.


Is Waterproof Flooring a Good Idea?

Water inundates a flooring for an extended period without causing damage, which means it does not penetrate and is not warped, swelled, or broken. In the flooring industry, it is called a waterproof floor. In reality, the main feature of waterproof flooring is adding a protective barrier to its core layer, which prevents moisture from penetrating the sub-layer and causing damage.


There Are Several Types of Waterproof Flooring

We will briefly discuss the benefits of waterproof flooring, which typically consists of luxurious vinyl, laminate, and tiles.


Waterproof Vinyl

These days, engineered waterproof vinyl flooring with a waterproof core acts as insulation against moisture and is exceptionally durable. In one respect, vinyl tiles’ flexibility makes it impossible for water to penetrate them. On the other respect, this type of flooring is cost-effective, making it a suitable option. Luxurious vinyl isn’t so popular among those who value beauty. Meanwhile, our expert team can entice the customer with luxury vinyl flooring that is waterproof and beautiful.


Waterproof Laminate

Floor coverings are not far behind; likewise, technology continues to develop at a rapid rate. Today, laminates are 100% waterproof, thanks to new models of laminates. Laminated floors are distinguished from other flooring types by the layers of protection and waterproof materials used in the top and core layers of HDF solid wood.

Installing such floorings and seams between them could leak water into the subfloor layers. Installing dehumidifier rolls during laminate installation will remedy this.

Our experts can guide you in choosing a waterproof laminate that maintains its beauty in structure and design when choosing this type of laminate.


Waterproof Tile

Other waterproof flooring options include porcelain, and ceramic tiles, well-known for their durability on the market and are highly impervious to liquids and water leaks. Besides being easy to maintain and clean, this flooring also offers many other benefits.

You might encounter only one issue with this type of flooring: tile installation, which is not easy and requires some expertise. It is imperative to ensure that no leaks occur when installing tiles to protect the house’s floor structure.

An ANSI report reveals that higher density tiles absorb less water, resulting in better waterproofing.

Here’s what you need to know


Waterproof Carpet

Would you believe that carpet flooring production in our modern era is 100% waterproof methods and unprecedented technology speed? New technologies have developed a protective lifeguard layer for carpets that prevents liquids from penetrating the floor and makes that more durable and easy to maintain.


Which Areas Would Benefit from Waterproof Flooring?

Anywhere in the house can benefit from waterproof flooring. Although these kinds of flooring are expensive, they are best suited for bathrooms, kitchens, and the basement, where standing water can accumulate or rapid cleaning is not possible.


Is Water-resistant Flooring a Good Idea?

Compared to water-resistant flooring, waterproof flooring is more expensive. Suppose water-resistant flooring exposure to water for a relatively short period; in that case, it will cause severe damage, such as swelling, warping, or even breaking, since the structure of these materials is such that if water penetrates, it will cause these effects. Thus, besides, in addition, newIn addition, laminatedUnfortunately, luxuriousFirst, and time-wasting increase homeowner costs. Testing on water-resistant floors has led to this conclusion: Water-resistant flooring tackles cause irreversible damage to the main floor due to prolonged exposure to water.


There Are Several Types of Water-resistant Flooring

There are many different types of water-resistant flooring, with their advantages and disadvantages, which we will explain in the following paragraphs.


Water-resistant Engineered Wood

Engineered wood is a better choice than laminate flooring due to its plywood (MDF, OSB, and chipboard) construction. However, as long as their exposure to water for a long time, they are not the best choice since the spilled water needs to be dried quickly to avoid water leakage into the inner layers.


Water-resistant Laminate

Due to its fiberboard central layer, laminates are more water-resistant than solid wood. Because the fiberboard still swells and becomes damaged when exposed to water over a long period, and water penetrates the inner layers when used.

Here, scroll up and down to waterproof your new floor.


Water-resistant Hardwood

Water-resistant hardwoods are less resistant to water and require more maintenance. In addition, this flooring material is organic, so prolonged exposure to water will change its structure and appearance.


Water-resistant Carpet

Water-resistant carpets are not able to absorb moisture due to the polyester fibers in their protective backing. As a result, water can still leak through the subfloor layers even though the moisture on the carpet is not damaging. Because of this, it does not work well in environments that deal with large amounts of water.


Which Areas Would Benefit from Water-resistant Flooring?

Water-resistant flooring is generally more economical than waterproof flooring. Therefore, it is a good option for bedrooms, living rooms, or home entrances that are not likely to encounter standing water.

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How do Waterproof and Water-resistant Floorings Differ?

If you want to choose the flooring that’s ideal for your lifestyle and budget, you’ll need to consider the factors below. Waterproof flooring is, on the one hand, more costly than water-resistant flooring.

It may cost you lots of money for the entire floor of a house. On the other hand, more resilient flooring, such as water-resistant flooring that can’t withstand long-term exposure to water, can cost more to repair. Therefore, combining both types of flooring throughout the house is more practical and can save money.

An ideal option, for example, would be to use waterproof flooring in the kitchen and bathroom, which can withstand the long-term presence of water without becoming damaged.

Adding beauty to the home environment and installing flooring that is water-resistant in other parts of the house, like rooms and entrances, reduces flooring costs.

We have teamed up with prominent experts to help you choose the perfect floor.







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