The last thing that any of us want to discover or even think about is home-based damage. To any and all homes that Laminate flooring is installed in, it adds a unique charm. As it is not as costly as hardwood flooring, it is a great substitute for that. Based in Orange County, Flooring America helps you to repair bubbling on Laminate Flooring.

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Here are six steps to how you can fix bubbles in laminate flooring:


1. Check twice, fix once

The first step of the repair process involves finding out where the bubbles locate and how many boards need to be replaced with careful examination of the floor; note which boards have the signs of bubbling. Repeat this process to make sure that you find all faulty boards. Double-checking is always the best way to know how much repair work you have to do.

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2. Remove the wall molding

When you find how many laminate boards need to be repaired and where they are located, it is time to remove laminate molding from the closest wall to the boards. To avoid damaging the laminate flooring, remove the mold carefully with a hammer and a screwdriver or a wood chisel. Don’t forget to do it slowly for better work because when you finish your repair, you need to refit the wall molding. If you want your repair to go quickly, try to lessen the distance you need to travel and unlock the fewer laminate boards to reach the faulty boards. The best way is to start with the wall closest to the damaged panels.

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3. Remove the laminate board

As you remove the wall mold, it is time to remove laminate boards one by one. Keep doing it to reach the damaged boards. With the connecting board from the locking mechanism, slip the floorboard carefully.

By relieving the board’s tension, you can fix the floor wherever an inadequate expansion gap causes the bubbling. The gap between the board and wall needs to be about ¼ to ½ an inch. By cutting the board near the wall, you can fix it.

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4. Replace the damaged laminate

Now it is time for repairs. You should be careful as the repair term is somehow misleading in this case because you are going to replace the damaged board with a new one instead of the actual repair.

Check the damaged laminate board is fitting before you unclip it. When you replace the laminate board, consider if the board is too tight and the room for expansion is not enough.

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5. Work your way back

Work your way back toward the wall you started as soon as you have locked the new board in place. You should gradually replace and lock the laminate boards you remove. It is important to replace them in the same order that you removed them. If you follow this rule, they will easily fit together.

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6. Replace the molding

The last and final step of the repair process is quite possibly the most satisfying. You can simply lock back the laminate wall molding that you have already removed to access defective boards.

Now, dispose of the defective laminate and enjoy your bubble-free laminate flooring.

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If you want to protect your Laminate Flooring from bubbling, some of the causes are mentioned below:

• Moisture damage

The primary cause of damage to laminate flooring is high moisture content. What can cause bubbling, especially when it gets to the laminate core, increases moisture content that creates continuous dampness.

• Tension between planks

Too much tension between the planks causes bubbling on laminate flooring. Laminate flooring expands and contracts in response to temperature fluctuation. When no expansion gaps exist, laminate will end up bubbling, peaking, or even buckling. If you attach the molding tightly to the floor, it may also lead to bubbling.

• Wet mopping and water spills

If you don’t take care of pipe leaks and water spills immediately as they happen, it will leave a swollen laminate floor.

For cleaning your laminate flooring, you should not steam cleaning or wet mopping because it can easily cause water damage signs like bubbling and bucking. It is because of the injection of water or steam into the finish.

• Lack of expansion joints

Small gaps or expansion joints are required between the jointing section of laminate boards in large area installation. Usually, the risk of water damage on laminate flooring increases due to poor installation. Before installing laminate, make sure that you measure your room moisture. Ensure that the flooring is appropriately installed even when the moisture content is at an average level.

In case you install laminate over wood and wood subfloor, you need to ensure good ventilation. You shouldn’t interfere with the water evaporation of your house. What causes bubbling is the lack of installing an effective moisture barrier on your floor.

At Flooring America, you should not be worried about anything and receive the perfect service for repairing bubbling for any room in your house. Do not hesitate to fill in the form or give us a call today to see how we can provide service to you to repair bubbling Laminate Flooring with our affordable prices and top-notch customer service.




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