The Kitchen is the most-used room of the home, so it is essential to consider many aspects when choosing new flooring. The flooring needs to stand up daily for spilled food, grease splatters, and melting ice cubes. Based in Irvine, Orange County, CA, Flooring America is honored to offer you different floorings. Among all floorings, laminate and vinyl flooring are the best alternatives to hardwood flooring.

To help you quickly find the differences, we have broken down the guideline into main sections:

  • Durability
  • Cleanliness
  • Pet-friendly
  • Installation
  • Maintenance
  • Size


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What is vinyl flooring?

Vinyl flooring is made of several layers. It has a solid core and is topped with a printed vinyl layer and a wear layer. Vinyl flooring has many types:

  • WPC (Wood Plastic Composite)
  • SPC (Stone Plastic Composite)
  •  LVP (Luxury Vinyl Plank), also known as PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride)


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Now, we are going to understand the pros and cons of vinyl plank flooring for the kitchen:

  • Durability:

Vinyl plank flooring is famous for its long-lasting durability. It is excellent for high traffic areas such as the kitchen without signs of damage. But if heavy furniture or appliances are dragged across the surface, they can be scratched or dented.

Another positive point of vinyl flooring is being completely waterproof. It means you don’t need to be worry that spilled water from the dishwasher or refrigerator could damage your flooring.


  • Cleanliness:

Vinyl flooring is known as easy to clean floor. With a simple mop, you can keep it clean. You can also vacuum the vinyl flooring.


  •  Installation:

It is straightforward to install vinyl flooring for your kitchen. Vinyl plank flooring can install in two methods:

1)      There are floating vinyl floors that work with tongue and groove design. In this method, floorings click together with a few strokes of a rubber mallet.

2)      Peel and stick, in which the need for clicking various pieces together is eliminated.


  • Pet-friendly:

With scratch-resistance quality and being completely waterproof, vinyl flooring is a great choice for pets. Vinyl flooring can hold up the claws and activity of your pets. Besides, you can easily clean any messes that occur by your cat or dog.


  •  Maintenance:

Vinyl flooring is beautiful as it is low- maintenance. Unlike traditional hardwood flooring, it is not required to polish or wax vinyl flooring.


  •  Size

Vinyl plank flooring has two standards:

* 4-inch width that provides the traditional look

*  8-inch width that is suitable for large space

Generally, each plank is 48-inches long. To cut the planks to your desired size for installation, you just need a razor edge and a straight metal edge.

In below, we  mention the pros and cons of Laminate flooring for the kitchen:


What is Laminate Flooring?

Laminate is a great substitute for hardwood flooring at a reasonable price. Laminate floors are a hybrid floor that consists of particleboard wood and has a base topped by an image layer and a transparent wear layer.

Laminate floors were invented in 1977 by the Swedish company Perstorp. After Perstorp, many other manufacturers such as Dupont, Mannington, Armstrong, and Shaw now make laminate floors. Laminate flooring needs an excellent solid subfloor.


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  •  Durability:

Laminate flooring is the best choice for your kitchen because of its outstanding durability. But in a high-traffic area like the kitchen, it may show signs of wear over time. Light scratches and chips or damage may appear in the corners and edges.

Any standing water could damage the laminate; unlike the vinyl, it is not 100% waterproof. Water could cause the planks to warp or bubble. However, recently many manufacturers offer waterproof laminate. This product features a rigid core made of waterproof material, which will add strength and stability.


  • Cleanliness:

Cleaning the laminate with a steam mop is easy. The traditional mop and bucket are not practical anymore as the amount of water applied to laminate flooring could damage the floors.


  • Installation:

Laminate flooring is known as floating floors. It uses the click-and-lock installation method. Each plank’s tongue is fitted into the groove of an adjoining plank at an angle in this method. After that, the first plank is folded down until all planks become level together.

You can use a table saw, circular saw or even a hand saw to cut the laminate precisely. Laminate is possible to install permanently with gluing down over subfloors.


  • Pet-friendly:

You can consider laminate as a very pet-friendly product. But to prevent scratches, you need to trim regularly the nails of your cats and dogs. Laminate stands well the usual messes with pets, but any standing accidents can cause damage as it is not waterproof.


  • Maintenance:

The original luster of laminate flooring will lose over time. To make a new look to your old laminate floors, you can use unique cleaning products for this purpose. There are available products in the market to help you reduce the look of scratches and chips on laminate.


  •  Size

Laminate flooring is designed in a wide variety of widths, from the standard size of 4-inch and extends to an incredible wide of 16-inch.

They are available in two lengths based on your request: 36-inch or 48-inch.

Flooring America provides many styles of vinyl and laminate. To learn more about the company and start your kitchen flooring project, schedule an appointment online. Request a free room measurement from experts at our office at 3 Oldfield, Irvine, CA 92618.


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